Thanksgiving is approaching and Christmas will be here before you know it! Your to-do lists and calendars are probably already filling up. So why should area rug cleaning be a priority this time of year?


Benefits Of Cleaning Area Rugs Before The Holidays

Here are 3 significant advantages to having your area rugs cleaned prior to the hustle and bustles of guests coming in and out of your home this year.


#1 – Your Home Will Look It’s Best For Guests With Clean Area Rugs

As you know, the perfect area rug completes a room and brings a cozy, inviting feeling. A good area rug takes some effort to find and isn’t easy on your wallet.

You’ve probably noticed that over time, your area rugs become dingy, dirty, and matted down. This is bound to happen over time. Luckily professional area rug cleaners can lift stains and restore the life of your area rugs—while being gentle on your precious textiles.

Your guests will notice the difference a clean area rug makes in your home, and you’ll have the confidence in knowing your home looks its best.


#2 – Area Rug Cleaning Is Healthy And Improves Indoor Air Quality

Perhaps more important than your area rugs looking their best is them creating a healthy environment for your guests. Area rugs soak up allergens, bacteria, and other toxins like a sponge—then transfer them onto our bodies and into the air we breathe.

Area rug cleaning from Chem-Dry removes 98% of allergens from area rugs and 89% of airborne bacteria. Clean area rugs can help improve the indoor air quality of your home, which is especially beneficial during months where you and your guests spend so much more time inside.


#3 – Area Rug Cleaning Protects Rugs From Stains And Spills

One of the most significant benefits to cleaning your area rugs before the holidays is to protect them.

During the area rug cleaning process, Chem-Dry applies a special area rug protectant that shields and protects your rug fibers. Your rugs will be preserved and able to repel liquids when your guests arrive. This will help you sit back and relax instead of stress about what’s being spilled on your precious rugs.


Professional Area Rug Cleaning Throughout Oahu, Hawaii

It’s easy to see why area rug cleaning before the holidays is a wise choice. But don’t worry—you don’t have to add more stress to your plate to get it done. Trust the professionals at Malama ‘Aina Chem-Dry to take care of your area rugs for you! You’ll love having a cleaner, healthier home—just in time for the holidays.
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