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Most people end the day on their couch. When your furniture or upholstery is used daily, it is going to acquire dirt, stains, and spills from life. Malama ‘Aina Chem-Dry is a top furniture cleaner on Oahu. We will bring your furniture back to life! 

Malama ‘Aina Chem-Dry‘s highly-trained technicians specialize in renewing upholstery to its cleanest and brightest condition. Dirt and grime always seem to attract to our favorite pieces of furniture. Especially when we have kids and pets running around the house!

“We called Keli’i to clean our beds and couches after we had our house fumigated. Even though the fumigation company said the chemicals wouldn’t stay on anything, we decided to take the precautionary extra step to clean the items that we’d spend the most time together on—especially with a newborn on the way. He made the process extremely easy and the beds and couches came out feeling and smelling fresh and clean without all the harsh chemicals! Give Malama ‘Aina a call and try them out! You won’t be disappointed!” 🤙🏼

Jordan K.

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Your Healthy Home Starts With Chem-Dry

Harnessing the incredible strength of carbonation, Malama ‘Aina Chem-Dry has the secret to deep, healthy upholstery cleaning. Our carbonated cleaning solution uses millions of tiny bubbles to break up stains found in upholstery fibers. All the dirt and grime from daily wear on your couches will be lifted to the surface and extracted. Our fabric-cleaning equipment gently agitates your furniture’s fabric and pulls the contaminants away.

Malama ‘Aina Chem-Dry‘s non-toxic cleaning system leaves your furniture as fresh as the day it was purchased. We work really hard to help it stay that way for as long as possible! Chem-Dry clean for your health like no one else on Oahu.

Discover Malama ‘Aina Chem-Dry‘s Unique Cleaning Advantages

  • Safe and non-toxic for homes with children and pets
  • Won’t harm fragile natural-fiber or synthetic fabrics
  • Deep-cleans auto and boat interiors, office partitions and divides, or any type of upholstered item
  • Saves you money… Malama ‘Aina Chem-Dry‘s cleaning solution leaves no dirt-attracting residue, so fabric stays cleaner for longer
  • Malama ‘Aina Chem-Dry‘s Fabric Protectant stands guard on the surface of upholstery with an oil and water repellent barrier
Chem-Dry removes 98% of allergens from carpets and upholstery and 89% of airborne bacteria, improving indoor air quality
We can deep clean the upholstery in your home or vehicle!

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