Think about where you spend the most time relaxing, watching tv, eating, or entertaining guests. Chances are, your answer is… the couch.


It’s easy to understand why this is one of the most-loved spots to hang out at home. However, let’s take a minute to talk about how unsanitary most couches actually are.  


Most People Don’t Clean Their Couches Often Enough


In a recent survey, the Hygiene Council discovered that 61% of people have either never professionally cleaned or sanitized their sofas. Additionally, those who have, reported only doing so once or twice since owning their furniture.


The average family spends even more time on the couch than they do in their beds. So why is it so much harder to remember to clean the couch compared to our sheets or our clothes?


Can you imagine never washing your dirty socks, towels, or bedsheets? No way! Consider how you probably use these items far less compared to how often you sit or lay on the couch. The fact that we almost never professionally clean our furniture is kind of a shocking thought, right?


The Nasty Things Found on Almost Every Couch


In another recent study, Express found that the average couch contains more bacteria than a toilet seat. Yikes. Pretty gross to think that your favorite place to take naps and watch movies is more of a hazard than where you use the bathroom.


Bacteria and allergens thrive and spread on soft upholstery fibers. Plus, things like harsh chemicals and traces of urine and feces are commonly extracted from furniture.


Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning on Oahu, Hawaii


Your skin might be crawling now, but we do have a solution! Chem-Dry offers all-natural solutions to solve your dirty couch woes.


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