Develop A Family Cleaning Schedule

May 9, 2018 | Healthy Home


Whether you live with your significant other, roommates, or have a households full of children, it’s not easy to keep the place clean. In reality, it can be quite the task to complete! So you shouldn’t have to do all the work yourself. Show those who live in your home how to take in their belonging and living space. Here are a few simple steps to get to a cleaner home.

Get Your Toddlers Involved (It’s Never Too Early!)

No matter if your child is the outgoing type or the one who stays a little quiet, the same rules apply: when you have a healthy home, you have a happy home. With toddlers, bedrooms can get messy really quick and soon the whole house turns into its own mini disaster. Well, let use that high energy most toddlers have to your advantage. Teach them to be responsible for one small chore, such as tidying up their bed or putting away their toys after playing with them. Using the tactic of ‘one small chore’ on a daily basis will save you time and energy.

Implement a Reward System

Everyone loves a little, or big, reward for hard work. Coming up with a chore tracking system will hold those in your home accountable. Holding them accountable for the assigned chores allows you to later reward them for their hard work. A more positive outlook will most likely come about, with means a better response to doing the chores in the future.

Together as a family, come up with a reward for a week’s worth of chores accomplished. Would your kids like to head out to their favorite burger joint? Or, would everyone enjoy a round of miniature golf? Implement a reward that will motivate your family to do a great job taking care of their personal belongings, and you’ll have a family that cleans together, sticks together, and makes happy memories, together!

Turn it Over to the Professionals

Are you overdue for a professional cleaning? Malama ‘Aina Chem-Dry understands your needs. As a trusted professional carpet cleaner, Chem-Dry can clean your carpets, rugs, tile, upholstery and more. Call today to learn more or schedule an appointment. 

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