Tile and grout is a popular design trend throughout Oahu. However, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it can be to keep clean.


There are several reasons why tile and grout become so dull and dirty. However, we want to share real and effective solutions for cleaning your tile. Following these guidelines can help restore your surfaces to their original beauty.

What Causes Tile and Grout To Get So Dirty?


It’s true that grout and tile become discolored because of spills and dirt, but there is another source that many people overlook.


The most common cause of dingy tile and grout is sticky residue deposited on these surfaces after the wrong cleaning detergent is used. Porous grout surfaces soak up this liquid like a sponge then attract dirt deep into these grooves like a magnet and make it extremely difficult to clean. The problem is magnified even more when too much water is used in the tile cleaning process.


This is something to be aware of when mopping or scrubbing tile surfaces yourself. It’s also important to note that even the strongest effort on your part likely won’t remove these tough stains and dirt. The right professional equipment is required.


Professional tile cleaners on Oahu have the powerful equipment necessary to extract deep down dirt and residue. Plus, with Chem-Dry’s natural cleaning solutions, any sticky residue can be removed without depositing more in the process.  


But we don’t stop there. During the tile cleaning process, Chem-Dry actually seals your tile and grout! We apply a protective layer over the tile surface that helps repel liquid, dirt, and stains in the future.

Ewa Beach Tile Cleaning


If you’re looking for the best tile cleaning on Oahu, choose Malama ‘Aina Chem-Dry. We’ll not only restore the beauty of your tile and grout, but also remove 98.6% of bacteria from tile, stone, and grout! We work hard to strengthen them against future stains.

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