Tile is a highly durable and classic flooring choice among homeowners throughout Oahu—and for good reason. As the leading tile cleaner in Ewa Beach, we often get questions about how to best maintain tile and grout between our visits. 


Below, we’ve listed 5 methods that can significantly help your your tile and grout last. Additionally, each of our recommendations also help keep these surfaces sparkly clean between professional tile cleaning and maintenance appointments from your local Oahu Chem-Dry.


#1 – Utilize Doormats and Rugs 

Place door mats outside your home’s front entrance and just inside your doors. Also, it’s a good idea to strategically place rugs in high traffic areas like by the stove or in front of bathroom vanities. This helps catch dirt or other corrosive substances that are often tracked indoors. It also adds an extra layer of protection and prevents your tile from becoming scratched or worn down. 


#2 – Protect Your Tile From Pets

Keeping your pets nails trimmed prevents them from continually scratching your tile floors. Also, it’s important to vacuum their hair and dander from your tile at least once a week. Most importantly, clean up any pet messes or accidents quickly—especially urine because it contains acid and chemicals that eat away at tile surfaces. 


#3 – Be Careful Placing Furniture On Your Tile

Place furniture protectors on bottom of the legs of tables, chairs, couches, and cabinets to prevent scratches. If possible, avoid placing objects that are too heavy on your tile because it can cause cracks or even crush tile surfaces. 


#4 – Sweep and Mop Tile Surfaces Frequently 

Even a thin layer of dust or debris can quickly make your tile appear dull.  We recommend sweeping or vacuuming your tile at least once a week—if not more. Mop your tile weekly and use a non-abrasive mop. Try using a mixture of ¼ cup white vinegar for every 2 gallons of hot water. If you do use a store bought cleaner, avoid ammonia, bleach, oil-based, and abrasive cleaners. 


#5 Regularly Restore Your Tile’s Protective Sealant

Keep in mind that the protective seal on your tile and grout isn’t permanent. It needs to be refreshed and restored often in order to maintain a protective barrier between stains and your tile and grout. Malama ‘Aina Chem-Dry tile cleaners in Ewa Beach always add a new layer of protective sealant with each tile cleaning.


Tile Cleaners in Ewa Beach, Oahu 

To keep your tile looking its best, schedule routine tile cleaning in Ewa Beach with your local Oahu Chem-Dry. We’ll not only restore beauty and protect your tile surfaces, but remove 98.6% of the bacteria from your tile, stone and grout in the process. 


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